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Talent and HR Support 

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People-solution Strategies Tailored to Your Needs

OUR focus includes talent - because they form an integral core of your business who forefronts your customers. EQUILOGICS works with companies like yours in the domain of Human Resources & Talent Management to provide people-solution strategies.


Working with us in this domain allows you to have expert solutions to your employee concerns. We are able to provide tailored options for your HR model.


How Can We Help?


I need help to find talents for my vacancies.

Whether you have your own HR Team but still require support or if you’re looking to outsource your hiring activities to an external specialist - we have you covered. Talk to us to see how best we can support you.


I need help to train my employees.

By working with us, we will discover the needs of each role in your company, the skill set required, and the types of training needed. This, however, needs to be matched with your employees current skills and capability. Matching these two brings in a suitable people solution training for your team.


I need to scale up my team but I wish to use the outsourcing method instead.

Scaling up or down is possible with EQUILOGICS. Staff hired will be placed under EQUILOGICS to support your business. This eliminates additional costs, such as hiring and re-hiring because we will manage the employees directly and will provide you with the replacements you need to keep your business operational.


I am busy and at times I do not have the time to engage with my employees on a one-to-one basis.

You may certainly engage EQUILOGICS to coach your team on behalf of you. Having an external party to coach your team brings in a different and professional perspective of the hurdles your team members face. All sessions will be done in a confidential manner, to allow team members to share and confide confidently, whilst receiving the support they need to make the change they desire to see in themselves.

Types of Customer Support Solutions



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Workforce Outsourcing





Let's Work Together

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