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IT Support

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Efficient IT Helpdesk Support for Your Business

Services Offered

EQUILOGICS  provides you with the help you need to set up your customer solutions centre or customer service team. Whether you have the expertise or not - we’d still be able to support you grow your business.


Working with us gives you more time and flexibility to focus on the core areas of your business, and gives us the responsibility of managing your business for you.

IT Support

How We Work

Project expertise for customer service set-up

Delivery of the contact centre

(from hiring employees, training, to running the

day-to-day function)

Managing your contact centre for you

How Can We Help?

We have computers at the office, but have never secured them from threats.

Our team will work with you to identify your processes, and see how best we can support you to enhance your business offerings. You may wish to scale bigger, or smaller - or to outsource it all together. EQUILOGICS can work with you on any options you may have.

I want to have a dedicated IT Support  for my business.

Being new to the function, you may wish to leverage on our services to develop and manage your customer solutions centre for you. Our team will work with you to understand your business offerings and develop a framework to kick-off your contact centre. EQUILOGICS can work with you on any options you may have.

Types of Customer Support Solutions


Customer Service


IT Support


Back Office Support
(Claims, Collections, Data Entry)

Let's Work Together

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