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About Us

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EQUILOGICS is a solutions partner, specialising in customer and talent solutions. Our game plan is to provide value to your business, by helping you focus on what really matters. We are proud to be a start-up that is focused on people in everything we do. We hold ourselves accountable for the growth created in your business, because we are just as committed as you.

As a partner in your business, our role is to ensure the needs of your customers and your employees are met, continuously, even when the going gets tough. While this is not an easy feat - greater things have happened. Rest-assured, you’ll be in great hands!

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Our Values

SERVICE - ​All The Time

We are here to serve each other and everyone. To serve is what we are called for.


Working together for the common goal is crucial. Everyone in the team is aware of what we are here for and why.


Raising the bar keeps us uncomfortable, and challenged. That’s how we’ve come to be and will continue to be.


Respect is a two-way street, where one gives and the other reciprocates - this is how we function. Rudeness is not tolerated. 

Let's Work Together

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